The legion of super-heroes #290

Cosmic Boy and a team of four Legionnaires head into the Museum of the Mystic Arts in Mega-California, which has been mysteriously wrecked. Stefanacci, curator of the Museum, believes the intruder was after the Mentachem Wand, which the Museum had recently acquired.
All of sudden a mysterious creature, calling itself a Servant of the Darkness, bursts into the place. In spite of their combined powers, the Legionnaires are unable to prevent him from grabbing the Wand and leaving via a dimensional portal.
Meanwhile, in the Legion HeadquartersBrainiac 5 and Blok discuss Matter-Eater Lad's mental state, and Chameleon Boy being ostracised by his teammates after dragging them off on a suicide mission which almost caused another Earth-Khundia war.
In the meantime, Cosmic Boy's team is arriving in London, following Stefanacci's theory that Excalibur, which had been in the Tower of London Museum since it was retrieved by Supergirl[1], was the likeliest next target. Nonetheless, the group gets attacked on their arrival by another Servant of Darkness, who unlike the former Servant -who had physical powers resembling Superboy's- has psychic powers but is physically weak. Even so, he manages to make off with Excalibur.
Back in the Legion Headquarters, Doctor Gym'll is checking Lightning Lad, who is bedridden and unconscious because of a severe electrical brain dysfunction. All of sudden, Lightning Lad wakes up, asking to see Saturn Girl. At the same time, Imra is feeling conflicted because her husband, sister-in-law and friends will not believe that nothing happened between Timber Wolf and her.

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