Fantastic four #151

Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm are at a haberdashery trying on new outfits, but Ben soon gives up in exasperation, saying that nothing in the store will ever improve his appearance. When the owner turns his attention to Johnny, he unfortunately makes some disparaging remarks about Ben, and an annoyed Ben brandishes his fist at the frightened man. Fortunately, Johnny calms Ben down, and a short while later, Johnny and Ben, wearing their new suits, walk back to the Baxter Building. But when Ben and Johnny approach the Baxter Building, they see that it is surrounded by a crackling glow. Alarmed, Johnny bursts into flame, reducing his new $110 suit to a cinder, and Ben flexes his muscles and tears his own $150 suit to shreds. Then Johnny flashes up to the top of the skyscraper, while Ben climbs up the wall. Johnny knows that Reed and Sue are spending the day in the country with Franklin, which means that someone is trying to invade their headquarters. Suddenly the wall next to Johnny explodes, and a powerful figure, glowing with energy, strides forth, demanding to know the whereabouts of the "she-witch," Thundra the Femizon.
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